COVID- 19 Update & Gathering Outside

Grace and Peace

Lord willing, beginning on July 5th, we will be having our first meeting in-person since March 8th. Because we are still in the midst of a pandemic, we will need to take extra precautions at our gatherings for the foreseeable future. These precautions are based on the recommended guidelines of the CDC and the PA Department of Health. We intend to follow our governing authorities as best as we can, and we hope our plan reflects that.  

In addition to this, we will be using the property and facility of another church. We will also be doing our best to comply with and abide by the policies and procedures they are comfortable with for their facility.

Here is the location for the gathering:

Trinity Community Church
1200 Easton Rd
Abington, PA  19001  

And here is some FAQ about our outside gatherings:


1) Should I wear a mask? Yes, wearing a mask will be mandatory for ages 2 and up.  If you do not have a mask, we will provide one for you. If you have concerns about this requirement, please let us know. We are asking everyone to wear a cloth mask anytime you walk around. So as you go to your seating, or to use the bathroom or as you leave to depart we are asking everyone to wear a cloth mask. *You can remove your mask after you are seated and appropriately distanced from others but even then, we do ask that you continue to be mindful of coughing and sneezing.

2) Will we be social distancing outside? Yes. We will be social distancing at all public gatherings until there is further notice.

3) What if I’m not feeling well? If you are not feeling well, have a fever, or have been exposed to someone with the virus, please stay home. If you are in doubt, please stay home. There will be a livestream available for you to follow along with for edification. 

4) What happens if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 at our church? If we have a confirmed case in our church, where the infected person has come to church, then we will inform everyone at the meeting that they might have been exposed. We will also stop gathering together for at least 2 weeks (14 day quarantine has been advised in such instances). We will have to inform the Health Department to help with tracing and will notify the congregation of updates as they become available. 

*Mask removal when seated is permitted outside, but may not be permitted when we actually begin gathering in doors. We will update this information with more clarity when it is available.


1) Are visitors permitted at Risen Christ Fellowship at this time? Absolutely! We would love to welcome and encourage whoever the Lord brings our way even in these strange days and times. We will do all we can to work for our visitors safety and encouragement. To help us with logistics, if you plan on visiting or bringing a visitor, please let us know a head count and a point of contact through our

2) Registration for service? We will need to have some kind of arranged seating to best accommodate those who come. We will be seating household groups together. To help us do that, we are asking everyone to register ahead of time with their attendance status. If you are unable to or simply forget, no worries. You can still come to service, but you may have to wait a little longer to be seated.

3) Childcare? Unfortunately, we will not be offering childcare for the foreseeable future while the pandemic persists. We will keep you posted if that changes.

4) Arrival time? Because we’re learning how to do this together, we encourage you to arrive 10-15 minutes early, so we don’t have a line that backs up at the entrances right before the meeting.

5) Bathroom usage? There are restrooms at the facility, however we’ll be limiting the number of people in bathrooms at a time to maintain social distancing. We encourage you and your family to use the restroom at home before arriving so that those who most need to use the bathroom are able to at the gathering. 

7) Singing? This activity does increase the risk of spreading the virus. Because we are outside, it is less of a concern as long as we maintain our distance. While we will be singing fewer songs, we still plan to be singing.

8) Leaving? When the meeting is over, please make sure you mask is on and social distancing is maintain as you fellowship or exit to leave the grounds.

We will update this page with any relevant information or adjustments as they happen.

Thank you for your patience!