We were made to grow together.

In fact, a big part of growing in Jesus depends on the spiritual depth and quality of our relationships with other followers of Christ.
Many churches have lists of programs to help you connect with others in the congregation. You won’t find much of that here. Instead, we are an unapologetically relationship-driven church. If you ask “how do I get involved,” we will likely point you to people.  
Below are some of the ways we encourage newcomers to connect with people at RCF and grow together.

1-on-1 Discipleship

God has not made us to walk alone as we follow Christ. 1-on-1 Discipleship is a great opportunity to link up with a member of
RCF and grow as a Christian or, if you're not a Christian, to explore the  faith. In general, we help you connect with someone of the same gender, to help you grow, pray and learn together, and find accountability; this will vary depending on the areas you want to focus on and often includes reading and discussing a good book together.

If you would like to focus on growing in Gospel-centered truth (theology), holiness (character), worship, and disciple-making (mission), or if you simply want to begin by asking questions and seeking answers, email us and let us know. We'd love to connect you with someone.

Sunday Equipping Classes

These one-hour classes take place on the first and last Sunday at 9 am for one hour and are designed to equip our church biblically, theologically, and practically in our daily lives. All are welcome.
Our upcoming is:
Systematic Theology 
In this class, we'll think about big truths of the Bible in logical categories, themes, and specific truths, one at a time. This class aims to deepen our faith and equip us with a robust theological framework to help us articulate and live out our beliefs in a complex world.

Men's and Women's Ministry

Our men's ministry and women's ministry (a.k.a. Risen & Rooted) seek to develop spiritually edifying relationships with the same gender, to encourage biblical manhood and womanhood, and to grow in godliness as husbands and wives, parents, friends and workers. These times are centered around fellowship, studying the bible, discussing a good book together, and occasional retreats.
If you would like to learn more about these ministries, please contact us or check out our calendar.

Nursery & Kid's Ministry

Nursery: We offer a nursery for the little ones, ages 0-3. The nursery is a safe space for the little ones to play and learn while their parents attend a class or the service. Nursery is offered during our 10:30am church service.

Kids in Church: Kids, 4 years old and up, are part of the worship service. Instead of separating families for worship, we want our kids growing up watching older saints sing, pray, read, and listen; as children learn to do so themselves. Think of it as family time. We also provide Kids Bulletins to help our children track through the service.