Position Papers

Whether you have been a member of Risen Christ Fellowship for a while, have recently joined, attend regularly, or are considering visiting, you may have questions about what we believe. In an effort to help answer those questions, the pastors have put together position papers meant to give readers a brief and clear understanding of what we believe about specific topics. The goal of these papers is not to say everything that could be said, or to give a thorough defense of these positions, but rather serve to answer the foundational question, “What do you believe about…?” Our hope is that after reading these papers you will know where we stand on these topics.

What do we believe about deacons?

This position paper reflects what we, as an elder board, are currently most persuaded by. We want to honestly say on the outset that the office of deacon is simply not that clear in the bible. We pray this document is read with the same sense of humility we have sought in creating it. May it bring clarity and help the unity of our church.

What do we believe about benevolence?

We believe the bible calls us to be generous stewards, and we want to exercise faithful stewardship of the money entrusted to the church to minister and provide benevolence to individuals or families in need of assistance. Our benevolence policy outlines our biblical philosophy for benevolence, as well as our process for evaluating and approving requests for assistance.

What do we believe about member resignations?

Membership in a church is a voluntary process through which someone submits their discipleship to be overseen by a particular congregation. A member resignation then is when a member formally and voluntarily concludes their membership in our church. This paper reflects what we believe about that process.